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Venice Louisiana Offshore Fishing at it's finest. (That's not what I say, check out the testimonials) Venice Tuna fishing is the most exhilarating of all fishing experiences. Fish on! Fish on! How sweet the sound; Screaming drags and expressions of "Woa, did you see that" are frequent expressions offshore in Venice Louisiana. You know those television shows where you said; "Just once I would like to experience Offshore fishing like that?" Well now you can, right here in Venice Louisiana. We've not re-invented the wheel nor do we have a potion to sell. Hey, we all charter fish and we all have horror stories but not on my boat, the Cajun Odysea.. It is my responsibility to provide you with the Offshore Blue-Water Experience of a lifetime. I understand your scheduling is difficult and I appreciate the fact you prefer to fish the richest most fertile Pelagic Fishing Grounds in the Gulf Of Mexico, right here in Venice Louisiana and with the most respected charter business for Offshore action.

Sit back; relax knowing YOUR experience is the most important day on my books. Whether this Offshore Tuna trip is something you do often or if this is a **Special** "Once in a lifetime" Offshore fishing adventure, your day has the same extraordinary importance to me.

If you're the boss showing employees - reward for job well done - or you're TOP salesmen treating clients, rest assured you have made the right decision for pure enjoyment with your safety and satisfaction as our first concerns!

Best Fishes-
Captain Mike Gray

P.S. Go offshore tuna fishing once in Venice Louisiana and you'll throw rocks at "Touristy" fishing destinations. Matter of a fact glimmering sand, emerald beaches and slow sport fishing vessels will turn your stomach!!

Why Fish in Venice

You might be thinking "why should I fish in Venice, Louisiana… Where is this place?"

Venice is quite literally, at the 'end of the road', south of New Orleans about 70 miles on Highway 23. The road ends here.

The fishing is fantastic in Venice, as the location is perfect. Venice is where the Mississippi river spills into the Gulf of Mexico. This means that millions of tons of nutrients flow down the river right through Venice Louisiana. Think of it as a massive fish feeder. The nutrient rich waters that rush down the mighty Mississippi begin the food chain. The plankton and oxygen rich waters create vegetation growth. The vegetation life increases oxygen and the bait fish are drawn closer to shore thus bringing the largest migration of Pelagic Specie fish in the Gulf of Mexico close enough for Charter fishing. This means that tons of tuna and other offshore fish live just offshore from Venice.

There are two other reasons for the phenomenal fishing out of Venice. One is the proximity to deep water, if you look at a map; one of the first things you realize is Venice Louisiana is located on that peninsula south of New Orleans. Being able to drive 70 or so miles on land puts you that much farther into the Gulf once you board a fishing vessel. That's right; when you leave port in Venice you already have a head start towards the deep canyon waters of the Gulf. Pelagic fish which include Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and Blue-Marlin only live in deep nutrient rich waters that provide current, bait, and cover.

Cover is the 3rd reason Venice Louisiana is a preferred destination for serious anglers. Just offshore from Venice are massive oil and gas platforms, which act as an artificial reef. South Louisiana has more structure than any other region of the Gulf bar none. AND the other areas don't even come close to having the structure we have. Oil Rigs create their own eco-system and produce the safe environment bait fish like to hide among. And if you've been reading you remember bait fish bring the big fish… So, Walla; you have the ingredients for world class fishing right here in Venice Louisiana. Many people do not realize this, but Venice Louisiana has the best offshore fishing in the United States.

If you are not a "Serious" angler and you have not travelled the world over fishing you may be asking the question, if it' so good why am I just now hearing about Venice Louisiana. ANSWER: Internet. Venice is quite possibly the last fishing village in the United States of American. There is nothing here, there is no tourism, and there is no publicity outside of south Louisiana. Hey, It took the Saints 40 years to make the Super-Bowl, why should the word of fishing spread any faster? Who-Dat! South Plaquemine Parrish has no chain retailers, and since the storm (you know the one) the closest grocery store is 25 miles north of Venice. The marina in Venice is the largest thing in town. The marina is larger than the town and is full of boats of every size. Most people visit New Orleans for fun, and likely have never heard of Venice. Unlike popular tourist destinations like Florida, there is no big television budget for Venice to put out all sorts of commercials touting the area. Venice has remained a quiet fishing town for years. But make no mistake; if you are a serious about having a good time with some offshore blue water fishing, Venice is the place.

Hurricane Damage

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina brought complete devastation to the town of Venice, Louisiana. Here is an example of what the town looked like for several weeks after Katrina hit, still under ten to twelve of water.

Every since Katrina the fishing is better than ever! No one knows exactly why, and there are a lot of theories. Some say the power of the hurricane shifted the water around and cleaned out the canals. Some say permanent changes were made to the way the river flows to the gulf which attracts more fish. The real answer why the fishing is so good in Venice is still a mystery. The important thing for you is that the offshore fishing around Venice is the best it has been in years. Every time I take people out on my boat they come back with smiles and plenty of happy memories.

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